Emergency Room Services in Mesquite

To ensure the better health of our people, ER of Mesquite provides advanced and faster emergency services. Our state-of-art medical lab, along with advanced equipment, provides quick results so that you can continue with your treatment. Moreover, we are open 24/7, so you can come to us anytime and get the required treatment from professionals.


Digital X Ray

Heart Attacks Treatment

IV Fluid Therapy

ECG or EKG Test

Pediatrics Emergency Care

Cardiac Enzyme

Strep, Mono & Flu Tests

Broken Bone

What Types of Emergency Services are Available in Our Region?

ER of Mesquite offers cutting-edge, quicker emergency care services to guarantee the improved wellness of our community members. Our cutting-edge equipment and modern medical lab deliver fast findings so you may resume your therapy. 

Additionally, you can visit us at any moment to receive the necessary care from qualified professionals as we are available around the clock. We have the best emergency room services in Mesquite that take care of you and your loved ones without any delay. 

24-hour Emergency Services

ER of Mesquite has 24-hour emergency services that are essential for you in any critical condition.

Musculoskеlеtal Rеhabilitation Sеrvicе

In ordеr to prеvеnt additional harm and еncouragе a quickеr rеcovеry, we place a high priority on dеlivеring еmеrgеncy carе for musculoskeletal rehabilitation and unintеntional injuriеs. 

Our group of knowledgeable medical experts is prepared to treat a variety of wounds, so you’ll get timely and effective care.

Cardiac Enzyme Test Services

The prompt detection and diagnosis of heart diseases, such as heart attacks and other cardiac events, is greatly aided by cardiac enzyme testing. Healthcare professionals can evaluate the degree of heart muscle damage and choose the best course of action by testing the blood levels of cardiac enzymes test services.

Clinical Laboratory Services

For thorough Clinical laboratory services in Mesquite, Texas, and the surrounding areas, turn to ER of Mesquite. Modern, certified full-service laboratory manned by skilled personnel committed to precise and prompt diagnostic testing. Equipped with state-of-the-art equipment.

Ct Scan Services

Computed tomography scans, or CT scans, are essential diagnostic instruments in contemporary medicine. We take great satisfaction in using forefront CT scan services in Mesquite. The most recent CT scanners available are installed in our facility, and they can produce high-resolution images quickly. Better image quality, less radiation exposure, and improved diagnostic capabilities are all provided by these scanners.

Digital x-ray Services

Our staff of highly qualified and experienced technologists and radiologists handles all aspects of our digital X-ray mesquite services. Their specific training in the interpretation of digital X-ray pictures guarantees precise and accurate results. Our radiology team collaborates with other medical specialists to offer patients complete, coordinated care.

EKG Test Services 

ER of Mesquite is your one-stop shop for dependable and accurate EKG (electrocardiogram) testing services in Mesquite, Texas, and the surrounding areas. Using cutting-edge EKG technology, our committed team of medical experts is committed to providing thorough cardiac examinations. 

We can help you feel confident that your heart health is under competent care, whether you need an EKG or ECG test services mesquite for routine monitoring or a diagnostic test.

IV Treatment Services

When receiving IV (Intravenous) fluid therapy, fluids are injected via a vein straight into the bloodstream. This technique guarantees necessary hydration and nutritional replenishment by enabling quick and effective absorption.

Our medical experts determine your unique needs and provide you with IV treatment services in Mesquite. Whether you require a thorough replenishment plan or just a quick pick-me-up, we customize the care to best suit your needs.

Pediatric Urgent Care Services

Specialized care is essential for medical emergencies involving children. Due to their distinct physiological and psychological requirements, children’s emergency medicine requires specialized training and understanding. Our specialized pediatric urgent care services in Mesquite are made to fulfill these particular needs and offer the best possible care for your child’s health.

Strep Throat Test Services 

We provide Strep throat test services in Mesquite because we understand how important it is to do precise testing in order to give our patients rapid relief. Common infections that can cause a great deal of agony and difficulty include flu, strep throat, and mono. A bacterial infection of the tonsils and throat that causes fever, painful throat, and trouble swallowing are the symptoms of strep throat.

Heart Attack Management Services 

At ER we also provide Heart Attack Management Services. Identifying the signs and getting help right away can make a big difference in the likelihood of a full recovery. It’s critical to contact emergency services as soon as you or someone around exhibits heart attack symptoms.